Monthly Archives: January 2012

January 17th

We have got some snow over the weekend, BUT, not that much, that we can do anything with. The feeder trail out of the work complex at MT. Tabor work center, is very rocky, and has a big wash out right down the middle, it needs a lot of snow to make it passable, so be very careful if you feel you need to go. From silver bridge on up your scags will scratch, just not enough snow yet, up by the ten kiln bridge, maybe 8 to 12inches, give or take. I would not take any of the side trails, because of the run off from Irene, she left a lot of rocks, and it will take a lot of snow to cover them up.

Our work sleds and groomers are ready to go, we just need some more white gravel, so we can get up there and do some work.

Just remember, we can’t fight mother nature, she will do as she pleases. As for myself, my sled will stay on the trailer, until we get a little more snow, repairs are to darn expensive. What ever you decide, do it carefully, the trails need a lot more snow.

Hopefully, I will see you on the mountain very soon, TJ.