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Annual Construction Seminar


Trails Close April 15th

Trails close 4/15. There is still some good riding up on the mountain if you have time to go get that last ride….

What A Great Season!

Great last meeting tonight. What a great season!!! Thanks to all who have helped out and remember stay tuned for our up and coming Bluegrass festival in July….


Monthly Meeting Reminder


Last meeting of the season will be on Sunday April 12th at 6pm at OCC.

Great Last Ride

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Great last ride today.

Great Spring Riding

Thanks to all our volunteers and Mother nature. We still have some great spring riding conditions.

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Spring Construction Seminar

Message From Your Vice President

Hey Everyone,

The old man from the mountain is still kicking, and I know it’s been a while since I have wrote. I just wanted to say that now the season is coming to a close, it has been a very good year, and the Green Mtn. Climbers should be very proud. We have BAR none, some of the best class 4 trails in the state. The riding this year has been superb, and our trails were groomed twice a week. I want to give a big thank you to our president, Walt Teer, who has his hands full, lots of work and not many members. Plus he does the Saturday night grooming, stays in touch with VAST, and other clubs, so we know what is going on in the snowmobile world. I want to thank Dave Powers who has stepped in as secretary and treasurer, plus he goes to the county meetings for us. I have a big thank you for Dick Kendal, and his son Lance, for all the work they do trying to keep the Tinmouth and west side open. Dick has been doing it for years, and has kept it together for us, so big hand for Dick.

We don’t have any more problems than any other club, but think about it next year, and especially this summer and fall, when the work bees start. It’s hard to run a club with not many members, and a lot less workers. It takes a lot of work to keep the trails in good shape and Walt could use the help. So think about it. It would be a downright shame if we lost what we have, ’cause no one wanted to do a little work. Plus it is fun to be out there, in the fresh air, and then you can really see what you ride over in the winter. I can say this ’cause after 20 plus years of giving my time to the club, I’m one of the remaining silver haired boys left. My partner in crime, Bob Millard, has been doing it since 1968 so he had put in his time. At 80 years old, Bob still helps me with the grooming every week, so a BIG THANK YOU BOB!!

I think for a small club, we do well, and I know Walt has his hands full. So think about it, and see what you can contribute to this club. You just might be surprised, you might have a good time. I know it’s a good feeling, and it’s a good bunch of guys we have here. I hope you have a very good summer, and will see you on the mountain next winter, or maybe at the Olde Country & Bluegrass festival the club puts on in July. The dates are July 23, 24, 25 this year. Damn good music, so bring a chair, and come listen. See you there, TJ.