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Green Mtn. Climbers Trail Report

Green Mtn. Climbers Trail Report: Jan 26th 2016

Well, Hi again.  Me and my partner went out again yesterday, and now all our trails have been cut and cleared.  I still have to tell you that the side trails need more snow.  They are very boney, and some of the trees we couldn’t get out as they are froze in.  Some more white gravel will take care of it.  The Wallingford Pond trail is bad from the destruction done by trucks and Jeeps.  They made huge ruts and it will take a lot of snow, and several groomings, to fix it.  So be very careful.  If any of you know how to do a snow dance, FEEL FREE, we need it bad.  Take care, be careful, and see you on the mountain.

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Minimum Ice Thickness Guidelines


Green Mtn. Climbers Trail Report

Howdy Everyone,

Just a note from one of the Silver Haired Boys.  We have spent the last two days riding our trails and cutting blowdowns out, which there were plenty.  We fixed one waterhole but more to fill in.  I just want to tell you that the 7c trail off FB 60 to Wallingford Pond isn’t in very good shape…and that is THANKS TO THE FOOLS THAT DROVE PICKUPS AND JEEPS THERE, AND TORE OUR TRAIL ALL TO HELL.  The ruts are deep and water-filled, with MUDDDD!  I was very disappointed when I had to turn around for fear of tipping the VK over.  There are ruts all the way to the 7f4 trail that goes to the Beaver Meadows parking lot, and that hill is very boney!  The 7c trail east to Ten Kilns isn’t too bad, some rocks and waterbars open.  There are several trees that are frozen in the ground that we couldn’t move, but they came after we cleaned it once this fall.

If you want to go and try your machine, stay on the big fire roads, they are great riding right now.  Remember there is ice under all the snowpack.  If you leave from the MT. Tabor work center, it is a little scratchy from there to the Big Branch parking lot, and then you have it made.  I would recommend that you stay off the side trails, so you don’t damage your sled.  They need more white gravel on them.  Ride the big roads and be safe up there!

If, in your travels, you come across a limb or branches, or anything else in the trail, DO YOUR PART.  Get off and throw it off the trail.  It’s a big help for the few of us that clean them and, contrary to popular belief, we DON’T GET PAID TO DO IT!!  So don’t be afraid to help.  It all counts and the groomer guys will love you.

Well, that’s all I can tell you now.  Enjoy what you can and pray for snow.

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It’s A Snowmobiling Thing…