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Monthly Meeting


Club Meeting 4/2/17 6pm at OCC



Willard Mountain Trail

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Willard Mountain trail.

Packing Trails

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A few shots from today

Photo credits: Walt Teer and Tary Jesmonth


Trail News


We will be out packing in the morning and grooming on Friday.

Message From VAST

VAST – Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

We suppose it is really going to happen and Vermont is going to get hit statewide with significant snow in the next 72 hours. Snow accumulation will be from six inches to over two feet, depending on where you ride. This morning one local meteorologist stated this storm (Stella) would be like the Valentine’s Day storm of 2011. VAST clubs are getting ready and tonight there is a VAST Trails Committee meeting where it will be talked about. As of right now there is still some base in higher elevations and existing riding. We have had record low temperatures in the past few days to freeze everything up. This is supposed to be a powder event, so it will be up to the clubs to figure out what to do. We imagine there will be some panning and grooming going on, but also that it is hard to set powder on top of frozen ground or ice. Clubs will need to decide when to open their trails and need snow to get out there and check everything out prior to opening. In some cases, there could be trees down and also open water bars, closed gates, etc. It will take the clubs some time to asses their trail situations. Clubs will be updating their trails on the VAST Interactive Trail Map (found on our website), their own websites, snow phones and Facebook. Snow is predicted to continue in regions of Vermont from Tuesday morning until Thursday early. Another much smaller and localized storm is on its way for the weekend….Happy riding and be safe. Stay on the trails and remember its just not you out there riding, so stay on your side of the trail at all times and ride like your beloved grandmother is coming around the corner!

Note that the Power line leading from Canaan and Norton trails to Island Pond will be open by Wed of this week as the logging in that area will be done.

Forecast: 6-12″ of Snow Possible


Time to warm up the sleds.