The Green Mountain Climbers is a snowmobile club lcoated in the Danby, Vermont area.

They also put on a great old time country and bluegrass festival!

The Green Mt. Climbers, Inc. was formed officially on January 11, 1973.  The Articles of Association were completed and approved by the state of Vermont.

 The Green Mt. Climbers snowmobile club was organized for the purpose of:  “promoting and encouraging better relationships between snowmobilers and landowners.  To promote and encourage the preservation and protection of our natural environment.  To educate snowmobilers, young and old, in safe and proper Snowmobile practices.”

The Snowmobile club grew over the years, there were fewer regulations on trails, gas was cheaper and times were good.  Then gradually prices went up, more rules and regulations, and our club was down to five to eight members for a few years.  I didn’t want to lose our membership with VAST so I kept the paper work and my son Mike helped out.  Bob & Grace always stayed as members too.  Then Tary came along to town and got involved with the club.  He said he thought we could make the club grow again, and low and behold we did.  We had almost 200 members for awhile.  Then more regulations, more money to join VAST, insurance etc. and membership went down.  We are now at around eighty to ninety members a year.  We are always open to new members.
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