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Update on Trails after Hurricane Irene

October 6, 2011.   There was a meeting at the forest service building in Manchester, on Wed. night, to tell us what is going on with the trails on Forest Service land. Vast was present, as well as the clubs effected by the hurricane. Vast told us they were trying to have 95% of the trails in the north open, and 75% of the trails in the south open. They said they were trying to make north&south, and east&west connections open. The Green Mountain Climbers trails made out pretty good, as all are bridges are fine, culverts ok, and some erosion, we were lucky.Some of the fire roads are in bad shape, and being checked out as what to do with them, some will not be open.They will work on fr10, fr60, fr30, the bad wash out from MT. Tabor work center to silver bridge is fixed, and should be open for travel next week.

There is a wash out and culvert out on fr 60, and that will be fixed. fr 30 needs a lot of work, and the Manchester club and vast will check it out next week, all the way to Lake Griffith. Down the back side on fr58, it is in real bad shape, a lot of damage, Manchester has already had a contractor look at it, and it is going to take a lot of work, hopefully they can get it fixed for the up coming season. They told us that some of the smaller trails, were not a priority, and some will not get fixed this year. The clubs were told to check out their trails, and check out the damage, if there was any and report it. The good news is, that there will be snowmobiling this year. I will keep you posted when I get more info, TJ.


Green Mountain National Forest Shut Down

As you all know, Irene hit us pretty hard, and as of right now the Green Mtn
National Forest is shut down. We will be in contact with the Govt. people, and
they will let us know what the status is, and how much damage. We didn’t plan
any events yet, because we don’t know what to expect, and how much damage there
is. I will keep you posted when I find out anything.  ~ TJ