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Thank You Land Owners


Thank you to all the land owners. Without the generosity of land owners we would have no trail system.

Here’s a message and video from Vermont Agency of Agriculture,  Barre Town Thunder Chickens Snowmobile Club and VAST – Vermont Association of Snow Travelers:

Love spending time outdoors in Vermont? Thank a farmer! Agriculture and snowmobiling have a rich tradition in Vermont, both contributing in no small way to the state’s economy. Did you know that more than 2,400 miles of VAST – Vermont Association of Snow Travelers trails cross Vermont farmland? Our farmers protect and keep the land open for everyone to enjoy. #ThinkVT


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Mt Holly Snow Flyers – Update

Mount Holly Snow Flyers


The groomer is out of the trail and back home awaiting repair.

Mt Holly Snow Flyers Share A Caution!

Mount Holly Snow Flyers



Our tucker is broken down in the trail on 7 south coming from rt 103 headed south to Belmont it is about two mile in.

VAST: “Slow Down Please!”

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VAST – Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

SLOW DOWN AND STAY ON THE RIGHT! AND WHILE I AM AT IT, DO NOT DRINK AND RIDE!!! I see way too many riders drinking at lunch, at snowmobile events, etc. I thought snowmobiling was fun enough without adding booze into the equation? What I have seen lately is out of control. We have so many families out riding. What does that teach your kids, that they too have to drink and ride to have fun? And I am not talking about having one beer either. The same laws apply to drinking and driving in VT as they do to snowmobiling. How would you feel knowing half the cars you met on the road potentially had someone operating it who was impaired, while you have your family with you?

I was almost hit so many times this weekend riding too. And so many corners that we went into were down to ice on the inside and built up with snow with no moisture in it on the outside, so that told me everyone was riding on the inside. We had at least 5 accidents this past weekend in VT and if you look at the news from NY and NH at least 25 people killed in those states this season.

SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!! – VAST Executive Director, Cindy Locke

Grooming Video

JG and DP are out getting it done tonight! The trails will be perfect for your Saturday ride.

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Trails Excellent


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Both our groomers went out last night. Trails should be excellent this morning. Be careful going down 7F1 toward Danby/Mt Tabor. Lots of bare spots on the road and very little snow in town!

Ten-Kiln Trail

RD82-RD85 Ten-Kiln trail will be closed for bridge replacement this week.

Trails Closed

No photo description available.

We are asking everyone to Please stay off the trails until they freeze back up!

Trails Are Open


All Trails are open except Willard Mountain. Please use caution. We still have open water bars and thin snow in the lower elevation.

Trails Closed


The official opening day is December 16th. We will be keeping our trails posted Closed until further notice because of low snow conditions, many down trees in the trails, and many large water holes etc. We will post updates as the conditions change.